Once upon a time my life was a series of obligations.

Once upon a time my life was a series of obligations. I was constantly putting my happiness off to a later date (“I’ll be happy when ____”).

Though everything seemed to be going well on the outside, on the inside I felt alone and empty. I attracted relationships that made me feel undervalued and less-than.

Back then I spent my days “getting by” rather than living passionately. Most days it was a struggle just to get out of bed in the morning. Perhaps the craziest part of all is that I didn’t even realize that there was anything wrong! After all, all of my friends counted the days until the weekend too.

Today, things in my life are unrecognizable from the way they were back then. I make a living from being myself and using my gifts in a way that is exhilarating to my soul and gives my life deep meaning, I wake up each morning stoked to be me: I feel alive, fulfilled and confident in a way “Old Molly”  could have never imagined possible. I have the most incredible and loving relationships and am truly, madly and deeply in love with myself and my life.

There is no more boredom. No more monotony. No more watching the clock or wishing for the weekends. I know that I am living the life that is meant for me and feel deeply purposeful and satisfied.

What Changed?

My personal transformation began after being hit with a dual diagnosis of Thyroid Cancer and Chronic Autoimmune Lyme Disease in my early twenties. After two and a half years of working with Western medicine and seeing almost no results, I was getting to a place of deep desperation.

On a whim, one of my doctors referred me to a “holistic practitioner.” I had never even heard the word “holistic” used in this context before, but seeing as I literally had zero to lose, I decided to go ahead and meet this person.

After entering the room, the holistic practitioner took one look in my direction and explained to me that my body was made out of energy. He said that if I “couldn’t heal my illness on the physical plane, [I] likely could heal it on a spiritual mental or emotional level and regain my full physical capacity.”

As you might imagine, my jaw just about hit the ground when I heard this. But even though my logical mind wanted me to head for the hills, something inside me made me stay put. There was a small whisper in my heart that told me that what this holistic doctor was saying had truth to it. And, within six months of meeting this person, I was 100% cured.

During my six month recovery period I learned about meditation and guided visualizations. I learned about neurology and how the brain can’t tell the difference between something imaginal or something “real.” I took my first course on metaphysics and the idea that if you change your energy, you can actually change both your life and your health almost instantly. I learned about the way that stress impacts the physical body, and I did biofeedback and retrained my brain.

This seemingly miraculous experience opened my eyes to the fact that there was so much more to life than I had been made aware of by my Western college-level education. It launched me into what would become a ten year journey to figure out what else I had not been made privy to my society growing up. The things I went on to uncover changed the course of my life forever and are now my life’s work.

There is nothing that lights me up more than paying the gift that saved my life forward: helping people learn the secrets of health, success and happiness from a spiritual and metaphysical framework. Helping them see that spirit and science are not mutually exclusive. Giving them the tools necessary to reclaim their lives in whatever was is necessary for them. I truly believe that when we understand that we are part of something, rather than separate, we can start to harness our personal power in a new way and garner a deeper connection to both our purpose and our destiny.

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