There is a revolution happening on our planet… One in which we are moving away from fear and into love, from isolation into community, from conformity to individuality, out of repression and into self expression. My role in this revolution is to fight on its front lines as the journalistic voice of my generation.

My written work has been published many times by the likes of major periodicals such as POPSUGAR, The Huffington Post and Elephant Journal. As a personality I have been featured by Elite Daily and many other well-known sites worldwide. I have a BFA in writing from The University of Michigan.

My goal as a journalist is to give people the opportunity to have informed consent: the ability to make decisions and take actions from a place of seeing the full picture, of being well-educated about the consequences and advantages of what it is we are choosing to give our time, money and energies to.

Over the course of my journey to health and wellness I have been exposed to the fact that most people are living their lives based on information they’ve received from their parents and teachers as children, news and media outlets as adults. Most of us don’t ever so much as acknowledge that we are living our lives based on a lot of second-hand intelligence – we have been conditioned to memorize and regurgitate, not to ask questions. We often don’t realize until it is too late or the universe throws us a major curveball that we’ve been misinformed… We don’t have the impulse to double check our sources until life gives us a reason to.

While our cultural authority figures may indeed be well meaning, their opinions and information are often influenced by their own experiences, allegiances and biases. And we all know what happens in the telephone game, right? Passed-down information is always full of holes.

My quest is to help people make the best choices possible for their bodies, lives, wallets, families and environments by giving them the most relevant and cutting-edge empirical data and facts. I see myself as an investigator of the world, of science, of consciousness and the way it all works together. I truly love to research, cross-check facts, gain new intellectual understandings, ask questions and get answers. It lights me up to share my learnings and feel it is my duty and honor to do so via my writing and documentary projects.

The more we know, the more empowered we become; the more empowered we become, the more energy we have to create the lives and world we want to live in.