There is a revolution happening on our planet… One in which we are moving away from fear and into love, from isolation into community, from conformity to individuality, out of repression and into self expression. My role in this revolution is to fight on its front lines as the journalistic voice of my generation.

My written work has been published by the likes of major periodicals such as POPSUGAR, The Huffington Post and Elephant Journal. As a personality I have been featured by Elite Daily and many other well-known sites worldwide. I have a BFA in writing from The University of Michigan.

As a journalist, my personal quest is to give people the opportunity to have informed consent: the ability to see the whole picture and make educated choices for their health, environments and welfare. I believe that more we know, the more empowered we become; the more empowered we become, the more energy we have to create the lives we want to live and world we want to live in.

What inspired this mission?

Over the course of my journey to health and wellness it dawned on me that most people are living their lives according to information they received from their parents as children, and then from news and media outlets as adults. But we’ve all played the “telephone game”: we know that second-hand intelligence, unless precisely and intentionally curated, tends to come through spotty and full of holes.

This telephone game of public information is maintained by the way that western society conditions its children: we are taught to memorize and regurgitate, to speak in turn and raise our hands. We aren’t meant to ask questions or disagree with what we’re being told. We aren’t supposed to talk back. This conditioning breeds adults who don’t have the impulse to double check their sources… A precarious component of a culture in which authority figures and media sources are so often proven biased and unreliable.

Where do I fit into all of this?

I am a crusader of the truth. I am a student and an investigator of the world, of science, of consciousness and the way it all works. I love to research, cross-check facts, gain new intellectual understandings, ask questions, and to constantly be learning. Most of all, I love finding empirically-substantiated information and sharing it with the world. I love having my mind blown and then paying it forward, opening people’s eyes to new ways of thinking and seeing things. I love helping them grow and expand.