Are you ready to reach
your highest potential
and live the life of
your dreams?

If so, you have come to the right place!

My coaching practice is based on the most influential concept I have come across in my seven years of psychology and personal-development study: the idea that our beliefs and thought patterns create our perception of reality.

As your human potential coach, I will help you unlock your subconscious and limiting belief patterns and replace them with positive ones that support you in achieving your goals. You will receive practical tools to transform your self-concept and create impeccable self-esteem and confidence that will become the rock-solid foundation for every endeavor you pursue.

Through our work together you will learn the spiritual principles you need in order to step into your highest self and manifest success and long-term, lasting happiness; you will become aware of the filter of your perception and learn how to recalibrate it to a setting that benefits you and permanently reshapes your life experience.

I only work with the most committed individuals, those who are deeply ready to leave their comfort zones behind and affect real change in their lives. If you fall into this category, I may be the coach for you. I pride myself on being intuitive and dynamic in assessing your needs and creating a unique program that will guarantee the results you are looking for.

  • Increased self confidence
  • Discovery of your life’s purpose
  • Renewed excitement and enthusiasm for life
  • Increased vitality
  • Transformation of self-esteem and self-concept
  • Total Relationship makeover
  • Attracting your life partner
  • Increased significance and value in work and external environment
  • Alleviation of fear, depression and negative emotional conditions
  • Vulnerable communication
  • Increased magnetism
  • Professional Success
  • Positive changes in attractiveness
  • Men: step into your confidence and empowered masculinity to attract the partner you are calling in
  • Women: harness the power of your sensuality, femininity and internal and external beauty

“The truth is that everything we need to be happy and fulfilled is inside of us, and that if we have the knowledge and support to access this resource, we will find that we are powerful beyond measure and can create absolutely anything we desire for ourselves.”


Megan Zimring
Certified Evolutionary Astrologer
and Soul Empowerment Guide

Molly has served as an incredible catalyst for my own personal evolution. Her guidance has been absolutely invaluable and I urge all of my nearest and dearest to connect with her for private sessions. Her deep understanding of metaphysics, spirituality, human connection, quantum physics and love as the thread that ties all things together has reoriented the way I view my own life, my relationships and the powerful ability we all have to step into the empowered position of “conscious creator” within our own lives.

Jolyne Lowery
Actor & Spiritual Guide

Molly has truly helped me to explore, embrace AND EXPAND. She is a gifted healer and is so focused on holding space for others to come to greater heights of acceptance, clarity, and self-love. She is full of knowledge and truly a rebel with a cause, always there to remind you to step out of the matrix and into the vortex! She has encouraged me to go deep, to bring light to the deepest parts of my mind that generate beliefs that do not serve my personal “high vision.”  I offer everlasting gratitude to Molly for unceasingly holding a vision of my higher self, giving me THE GRANDEST and most magnificent gift you can bestow upon anyone. Molly has been such a great example of what it means to be a warrior of love and she is SO passionate about what she does. Being blessed with guidance and the opportunity to co-create with such a gifted woman has allowed me to find my own crown, thank you thank you thank you 🙂

Ryan Blackstock
Cofounder of The Xanadu Life

“Molly has a beautiful kind presence about her that makes opening up easy and comfortable. She is truly committed to making a difference & I would recommend her coaching to everyone.” – Ryan Blackstock, Cofounder of The Xanadu Life

Maggie Myers
Student & Spiritual Activist

As a coach, Molly has reminded me that my life is in my own control–and that I have within me a world of opportunity to let my dreams come to fruition. As a student who constantly struggles with an idea of a “greater purpose,” Molly has reassured me that if I continue to listen to what my Higher Self wants, I have no need to become stagnant or overwhelmed by the fear over the unknown. Molly’s insight and caring nature has instilled confidence in me again.

Tara Michelle Lange

Molly has an incredible ability to help me realign with my truest self. She listens to what I’m saying, as well as to what I’m not, and helps me pinpoint deep-seated beliefs that stand in the way of my highest potential. Molly creates a safe and sacred space for me to explore my fears and then offers loving solutions to help me release what no longer serves me. She has helped me to navigate through resistance and come out on the other side with more self-love than I knew was possible. Stepping into ourselves is a challenging process, and I’m grateful to have this magical spirit lighting the path. I cannot say this with more truth and love in my heart: Molly is the coach you want in your corner.