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1:46 am

Giving yourself permission to be on the outside who it is you feel you are on the inside requires courage, commitment, stamina and a deep desire for authenticity. It’s hard to break free of the lies we told about ourselves before we knew they were lies (think about that). We are constantly shifting and evolving, […]

9:20 pm

“When you form opinions about another person, looking at him or her and saying, for instance, ‘This person is lazy, or a failure, or has terrible clothes,’ you send a message to your own subconscious that the world is a place where you had better act in certain ways if you want to be accepted. […]

8:11 pm

Yesterday I had a conversation with a dear friend of mine who made some comments about the fact that my Facebook has seemed “sexual” lately. He insinuated that this new look might potentially be damaging to my coaching practice, and reflected to me that I am so much more than just a pretty girl. Make […]