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7:11 pm

After my last relationship, I took several months off before jumping into the dating world again at the end of 2018. I have had awesome moments, some sexy moments, and some um… very interesting moments, but the highlight of my time in the field has actually been learning about our culture and witnessing the fascinating […]

12:56 am

i have always been intense. intensely passionate, intensely curious, intensely intellectual, loving, emotional, sexual, you name it. for the majority of my life i believed that this was shameful and tried to tone it down. i tried to talk less, be less, keep my opinions to myself, hide when i was hurt etc. fast-forward to […]

1:37 am

For me and for many other women I know, getting made up and taking beautiful, sexy photos is a form of self expression that we would do if no one else were watching. It isn’t about seeking validation. I have loved dressing up and being a girly girl for as long as I can remember. […]