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4:20 am

Two days ago something FASCINATING happened. I posted this poll on my Instagram story and a ton of people responded (around 150 in the end). Almost unanimously, people agreed with Kanye and would prefer that likes and follower-amounts be made private. People who answered the poll included both people with large followings (high-end was 400k+) […]

12:21 am

This is how I see it: anyone who makes art and feels like the creation of their art is crucial to the nourishment of their soul is an artist. And anyone who is an artist in that sense, that wants to call themselves “an artist,” should give themselves full permission to do so. (Side note: […]

8:25 am

This year I have done a great deal of research regarding instances of tragedy via ignorance (think Big Tobacco not disclosing the hazards of smoking to the public for years after it knew the risks). This is an area of social justice I’m super passionate about, and it’s what my docuseries is based on. This […]