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8:26 am

I have been crying this morning. My heart hurts. How is it possible that a kid can go into a store and purchase a murder weapon like it’s a pack of gum?!! HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT OUR CURRENT ADMINISTRATION DOES NOT SEE THIS AS A PROBLEM? It is not ENOUGH to send people prayers […]

9:02 pm

I found this quote online and it made me laugh. You know what they should teach kids in school? Meditation. Self love. How the stock market works. Or maybe each kid should just get to choose what they’re interested in and STUDY THAT. The current standardized American grade and high school models literally condition children […]

10:01 pm

“1 in 3 women ages 18 to 34 have been sexually harassed at work.” Yes, this has happened to me. “White women are paid 8/10ths what white men make for the same job.” Yes, this has happened to me. Between djing and modeling I have been pushed to the near brink of insanity on this […]