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11:08 pm

Shouts to all of my sisters pursuing their goals and dreams in 2018. Cheers to the women who, in the words of Maya Angelou, will not “be moved”, who will not conform or stand down to satisfy the values of an outdated patriarchal world order. There is a spectrum indeed: in certain cultures women remain […]

11:31 pm

Cryptocurrency is a hot topic among millennials at the moment. I went to a party last night and literally everyone was talking about it. Strangely, one thing I never heard my bitcoin-obsessed peers mention was this: “But what about climate change?” If you’re scratching your head, wondering, “What the heck does climate change have to […]

1:46 am

When the head of the NRA says that gun control advocates “hate individual freedom,” I think of mourning mothers in New Jersey, grieving families in Florida. If wanting your child to have the chance to grow up makes you a freedom-hater, what does that make those in favor of wanting to give crazy people guns? […]