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8:25 am

This year I have done a great deal of research regarding instances of tragedy via ignorance (think Big Tobacco not disclosing the hazards of smoking to the public for years after it knew the risks). This is an area of social justice I’m super passionate about, and it’s what my docuseries is based on. This […]

11:44 pm

I have something that I want to talk about. And that thing is honesty. We live in a society that encourages us to put up a front, to compete with everyone else’s highlight reels. I was a victim of this mentality for a while. Back then, I wasn’t fully comfortable with myself and my perceived […]

9:46 pm

Empathy has been the name of the game for me throughout the months of May and June. My dad is not well and his illness came to a head last month. Then last week I said goodbye to a dear friend of mine. Someone I considered family. The emotions that arrived with these circumstances were […]