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12:56 am

i have always been intense. intensely passionate, intensely curious, intensely intellectual, loving, emotional, sexual, you name it. for the majority of my life i believed that this was shameful and tried to tone it down. i tried to talk less, be less, keep my opinions to myself, hide when i was hurt etc. fast-forward to […]

1:37 am

For me and for many other women I know, getting made up and taking beautiful, sexy photos is a form of self expression that we would do if no one else were watching. It isn’t about seeking validation. I have loved dressing up and being a girly girl for as long as I can remember. […]

4:20 am

Two days ago something FASCINATING happened. I posted this poll on my Instagram story and a ton of people responded (around 150 in the end). Almost unanimously, people agreed with Kanye and would prefer that likes and follower-amounts be made private. People who answered the poll included both people with large followings (high-end was 400k+) […]